Newest TV Buying Guide 2021

For customers who want something “superior," Samsung has the solution. Our specialty is picture quality. If you would like to enjoy video content as if you were in the theater, here is your best option.


Opt for the one that's right for you.

Do you want the best of the best?

For customers who want something “superior," Samsung has the solution. Our specialty is picture quality. If you would like to enjoy video content as if you were in the theatre, here is your best option.

Interested in 4K TV?

Ultra HD TV has four times the resolution of Full-HD TV so you can enjoy beautiful, detailed images. If you want a TV that's larger than 50 inches, we advocate a 4K model. Even though there's a little bit of 4K content accessible, even HD or even Full-HD content is displayed beautifully with Samsung smart tv price in Bangladesh. Since you will use the latest TV for a long time, 4K will provide you excellent advantages.

Do you want to enjoy VOD Services?

You may enjoy not just TV broadcasts but also the favorite Video-on-demand service using a LED tv price in BD. Some VOD content may not operate satisfactorily in specific regions and network requirements or on the VOD service.

Do you need a bigger TV for your living room?

TVs are getting slimmer and thinner as technology develops. That means you can choose a bigger screen compared to conventional models. Here are some big screens for you. The measurement information is available for every item.

Do you want a TV that is easy to use?

As new TVs get increasing amounts of available content, it can at times become difficult to obtain the content you desire. Samsung tv price in BD remain simple to use. You can even bring the TV contents outside with your smartphones or tablets.

Do you need to watch your favorite content with more outstanding image quality and vibrant colors?

Not all of the TVs in the market nowadays reveal all of the colors on the planet. So we recommend comparing the colors on TVs on the marketplace. Samsung has achieved vibrant, sharp, and bright images with unique technology. "Hexa Chroma Drive" with 6-Color reproduction compared to the average TVs with 3-color copy, to supply increased viewing enjoyment.

Do you want to enjoy contents that are downloaded?

Additionally, To TV broadcasts, it is also possible to enjoy downloaded articles. However, the downloaded content often looks grainy and fuzzy. This so-called dot noise' can now be eliminated from just about any source by Samsung technology.

Do you need a Smart TV?

TV price in Bangladesh 2021 line-up gives you an Internet connection. You can enjoy VOD content easily through a Browser app. Our Browser app supports the FLASH format, which means you can utilize many of the services onto a large screen with your family and friends. In case you have a smartphone using Mira cast support, you could even enjoy the Easy Mirroring function.

Do you need to enjoy the extraordinary sound with your TV?

Samsung has the solution for you. The choice of TVs beneath has special speakers. Using their powerful bass and strong speakers, you can appreciate more dynamic content. And some of our line-ups have the purpose of putting the TV audio into the Audio system through Bluetooth.

Do you want the very best-designed TV?

Samsung has chased the ultimate in layout with our concept of Harmony with Space. We strive to keep the images on display distinctively clear while making the TV Complement your room interior using natural materials and a stunningly stylish form.