There Are Spring Washers Inside The Telescopic Pole Saw To Reduce Vibration

The telescopic pole saw is specially developed for pruning and thinning all trees.


The telescopic pole saw is specially developed for pruning and thinning all trees. It has a powerful two-stroke engine that can provide 27cc/1.3HP power and provide users with the performance needed to handle any work. It has a precise cutting function with a 5-position adjustable trimming head. The attached telescopic rod can reach a new length, and the telescopic rod can be extended to 12 and a half feet of the total length without any tools. It also includes a normally open ignition switch, which returns to the "on" position after each stop. The clutch housing is made of aluminum to reduce weight and increase durability. The ergonomic soft-touch handle reduces vibration and improves operator comfort. Other features include:

  1. The wide chute on the pruning head makes chip removal easier.
  2. Internal sliding supports and spring washers can reduce noise and vibration.
  3. Convenient air purging to achieve a cold start.
  4. Including professional seat belts to increase comfort.