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"The tap water we are getting is stinky. Now we have to pay more for this? Wasa must ensure safe water before prices are hiked," said Mohammad Sabuj, a resident of Sobhanbagh, in his reaction to the Wasa move.

Earlier on Thursday, the energy regulator increased the retail electricity prices by 5.3 percent from the current rate. Each unit of electricity will be Tk 7.13, announced Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission.

Experts say the hikes in the utility services will affect the living standards of many city residents, especially those from the middle- and limited-income brackets, since their income has not increased in line with the high cost of living.

Already hit hard by soaring prices of essentials, this new rise in water tariffs would lead to a hike in house rents, they said.

From the costs for education and medical treatment to personal care products -- prices of everything has continued to increase sharply in the last several years.

"The first thing which is going to happen is the increase in the house rent," said Rakibul Islam, an employee of a private company in the capital.

"From the first day of this year, we have been getting news of price hikes. First, the prices of liquefied petroleum gas cylinder, then the electricity tariffs and now water tariffs. Where would we go?

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