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"We have hiked the tariff to adjust the rise in operational costs. Besides, we want to reduce the burden of loan Wasa took to implement different projects," said Taqsem A Khan, managing director of Dhaka Wasa.

"There will be no negative impact on the consumers given the extent of the increases," he told The Daily Star yesterday.

Wasa hiked prices by five percent in September last year, citing inflation. According to Section 23 of the Wasa Act-1996, the Wasa board can hike prices by five percent annually.

On February 26, the Local Government Department issued an order approving the tariff hikes proposed by Wasa.

The latest move has drawn flak from city dwellers, with some residents and experts saying hikes in water prices would be a further burden on people as it comes just after the hike in power tariffs.

They termed the Wasa move illogical as residents of many neighbourhoods have been living with foul-smelling tap water and that people of different areas face severe water crisis during summer.

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