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Following the hike in electricity prices, Wasa has increased water tariffs for residential and commercial uses in Dhaka for the second time in a span of seven months, dealing a double blow to consumers.

In a circular issued yesterday, the Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (Wasa) raised the price per unit (1,000 litre of water) to Tk 14.46 from Tk 11.57 for residential use, a hike of 24.97 percent.

Commercial users, meanwhile, will have to pay Tk 40 for each unit instead of Tk 37.04, a 7.99 percent hike.

The new rates will come into effect from April 1, according to the circular.

The state-run water supply authority in the circular said it raised the tariffs to adjust production and operational costs in line with retail prices and increased electricity and gas prices.

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