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As you are part of our community, we would like to introduce you to the thousands of people who, like you, are helping us reach our target of donating one million pairs of socks to homeless and needy people this year. Many of our customers share their story on how they found men’s bamboo socks via Kindsox, and we see people networking in our social media feeds all the time. It's
incredible what doing a good deed can do for building your connections.

Like-minded, generous people all helping us help the homeless. For every pair of Bamboo socks you purchase from we donate a free pair of socks to the homeless.

You can join our Facebook page and share your story about why you joined and tell everyone about the socks you wear and why? More people are starting to share their sock story, which helps build awareness for what we are trying to achieve this year of giving one million pairs of socks to homeless people. Every single post you make is a giant step to ensuring a homeless person receives a clean, warm, and comfortable pair of socks.

So what can you post on the kinsoxFacebook page? You can post anything you want about the type of socks you buy and why, what you look for in a pair of socks, the designers that you choose and the style whether it is sports socks, ankle socks, knee-high socks, what materials you choose and how often you purchase socks.

It's not just Facebook as we are on Twitter and Instagram, so please come over and say hello on any social media platform you like, it would really help.People buy new socks all the time, and by building awareness or sharing the kindsox news with different communities, we can help more people than ever this year. We all know how tough things are now and the homeless are really struggling so what do you say, It takes a few seconds to connect on social media, but the impact could be felt for years for one homeless person.

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